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Graphical Warehouse Management System

For In-House, 3PL & Contract Warehousing

Visually manage your entire warehouse
The [e]suite Graphical Warehouse System enables easy and fast visual management of all your warehouse operations.  The system is suited to managing your own warehouse as well as contract stock belonging to your customers.  [e]suite has the functionality needed for all the complexities of in-house as well as contract warehousing and storage.

Dramatically Improve Warehouse Services
Take a look at our video demo of this amazing technology and you will quickly see how huge efficiencies and responsiveness can be gained in your warehouse operations.

The graphical system provides a quantum leap of benefits:

  • Faster Put Away – Pre-allocate before pallets arrive
  • Faster Pallets Out
  • Web Portal for Customers
  • Full Pallets / Part Pallets / Cartons
  • Serial Batch Tracking – Use By Dates etc
  • Integrated ERP Accounting

Built for Cold Storage & Contract Warehousing
No matter whether you are a Third Party Logistics  (3PL) company, cold storage facility, chiller or dry goods warehouse; if you hold stock on behalf of your customers then you know the complexities of managing stock and invoicing for the Storage, Inwards, Outwards and other activities.

Not only does [e]suite provide all the transactions you need to manage contract warehousing, but has a fully programmable and configurable invoicing system that can handle any recurring or ad-hoc service charges.

Features and benefits of [e]suite GWMS

There are so many advantages of the [e]suite Graphical Warehouse Management System.

  • Visually manage your entire warehouse
    • easier to see where empty bins are
    • click on any bin to see its contents
    • See all bins containing related items
  • Faster Put Away
    • pre-allocate pallets to bins before they arrive at your warehouse
    • easier to put like with like items
  • Faster Pallets Out
    • Easily and quickly identify customer pallets to dispatch
    • Instantly produce Goods Out notification docket for Forklift driver
  • Web Portal for Customers
    • Real-time Pallet Balance for your customers
    • Easy Interface for Pallet Outward Notification
  • Powerful Weekly or Monthly Invoicing
    • 100% configurable/programmable invoicing rules
    • Automated emailing to customers
    • Invoice can include detailed information of all activity and balances
  • Partial Pallets or Cartons
    • Manage Inwards and Outwards of Full Pallets, Partial Pallets or per Carton
  • Serialised Batch tracking of Pallets
    • Use by Dates
    • Number of Cartons
    • Other Batch Information
  • Click and Drag to move pallets
  • Fully Integrated ERP Accounting System

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