Benefits of an Integrated Software Solution for Accounting, POS, Franchises & more

Totally Integrated Solution

Does your company suffer from one of these Nightmare Scenarios…

  • Different solutions (from different vendors) for POS, Accounting, CRM, Marketing, Inventory Management, Warehousing and Web Store?
  • Some of these functions are not available or just don’t work?
  • Clunky (non-live) Import / Export between systems?
  • Errors in accounting and inventory valuation?
  • Inadequate operational or financial reporting?

[e]suite differentiates itself by providing a totally integrated solution for all of these issues in one consistent single system.

  • One Complete System
  • Consistency between modules
  • Live Data
  • No Import / Export
  • Totally Integrated Modules for:
    • POS
    • Accounting
    • CRM
    • Inventory Control

    • Web Store
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehousing
    • Email Marketing


Multi-Site Flexibility

Does your company have multiple branches or roaming sales reps?  If you are using traditional software then you may be experiencing problems with:

  • No or Restricted Access to Your Data?
  • Tacked on solution for multi-site Point of Sale?
  • Multi-branch data issues / non-live / data loss or corruption / limited access / polling issues
  • Multiple entity accounting doesn’t add up?
  • Expensive computer hardware to run Remote Desktop Software?
  • Remote Desktop Performance Issues?
  • Worried about putting your data on the global internet?

[e]suite offers a whole suite of multi-site internet (“cloud”) technologies that can be mixed and matched to your requirements.

  • Live Data and Reporting across All Sites
  • Deploy your data anywhere you want to: Hosted in a Data Centre or Install On-Site at your Head Office or Branches or both
  • Multiple Branch Databases or Single Consolidated Database or both
  • Runs on low cost PCs
  • Faster Remote Connectivity
  • Single or True Multi Entity Accounting with Live Inter branch Transactions and Transfer


Total Reliability – 100% – 24 x 7

It is odd that web-based software companies brag about being 99.9% on‑line, because this means that for 8 hours a year their software is completely off-line, and that doesn’t account for the reliability of the internet at all your branches.  If their data center or your internet is off‑line then so is your company.

For mission-critical scenarios demanding true 24 x 7 operation at the branch level, [e]suite provides the option for branch level databases with total redundancy of all functionality and live synchronisation when the internet is on-line.  But it isn’t compulsory.  You can mix and match with some branches having local redundancy and other branches operating purely with remote connectivity through the internet cloud.

Total Backup & Recovery – Live

With its built-in real-time off-site backup redundancy, [e]suite provides a superior level of reliability and disaster recovery, no matter whether your database runs out of your office or out of the biggest data centre on the planet.

One or more live backups of your databases can be located on a secondary data center or in your office or at any off‑site location you choose. If the primary server is off‑line users can instantly log in to the backup server and continue trading. If the primary server is restored then data is automatically resynchronized.

None of our customers (large and small) using this technology have ever experienced any significant downtime or any loss of data from software or hardware failure or internet outage.  Not ever!

Multi-Platform Flexibility

Unlike other web based software solutions, [e]suite doesn’t limit you to a website only interface with severely limited functionality.  Instead [e]suite allows you to choose the right operating platform for the right job:

  • Touch screen interface – for POS and Manufacturing
  • Full Detail Interface – for power user / integration to desktop applications / multi document screens / integration to specialized POS hardware (eg eftpos, weigh scales)
  • Customisable Web Browser Interface – for any e-commerce, e-marketing, social media, CRM, B2B or internal functionality. Totally customisable for any solution
  • Windows Mobile PDA Interface – for rolling stock takes, warehousing and goods dispatching and receipting (using PDA with built-in barcode scanners)
  • All platforms have high speed remote access 24 x 7
  • Fully customised applications interfacing to [e]suite
  • All platforms can be provided as software as a service (SAAS)


Configurable and Customisable Flexibility

Does your company suffer from inflexible software that just won’t work the way you do?  With [e]suite’s highly configurable and customisable user interfaces you don’t have to compromise.

  • Drag & Drop Configurability of all Transaction Screens – With No Programming
  • Create Your Own Custom Search Screens and Queries – Find your data any way you want to
  • Create Your Own Reports in seconds
  • All platforms have high speed remote access 24 x 7
  • Secure User Rights Control over every function

And if you really need something special that requires programming, then our software development kit enables you to create…

  • Totally customised website interfaces
  • Totally customised transaction screens
  • Totally customised Windows Mobile PDA interfaces
  • Totally customised queries and reports


Franchise Ready

[e]suite has a powerhouse of built-in functionality to support the myriad of different structures that franchise organizations come in.  Some of the features that distinguish [e]suite are:


  • True Multi Entity Accounting
  • Unlimited flexibility for all franchise structures
  • Full functionality for franchisees – POS, Accounting, Inventory etc
  • Live B2B  transactions between franchisee and franchisor
  • Support for consignment inventory

There is a lot more to [e]suite’s franchise capabilities.  Click here for much more…

High Capacity & High Performance

[e]suite has been designed for high capacity and high performance.  Some of our customers have over 5000,000 stock items with many millions of transactions and customer records.  For these implementations, running on average PC hardware, [e]suite is capable of processing transactions (originating from many different branches) at a sustained rate of over 50,000 per hour.  And that is over a remote connection and with real-time offsite backup to a secondary server.  At the same time live financial reports can be produced in less than half a second.  When [e]suite is installed on higher performing computer hardware such as in a data centre, the performance only gets better.


Fantastic Value

[e]suite is not expensive.  In fact when compared to other systems on the market, the [e]suite solution combined with our services represents excellent value for money.


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