e-Business Solutions

Leverage the world of opportunity that online business presents.  But do it with [e]suite’s integrated solution rather than a tacked on solution that requires separate management, inefficiencies and costs.

With [e]suite you can manage your online business from within the one system with zero extra effort. The integration is seamless and live.

Integrated Web Store

Finally, your retail or distribution business can be launched onto an integrated web store, with live stock levels and real-time order fulfilment and delivery.  All content from categorization to text and images are managed from within the one system.  Orders are previewed, authorised and processed just like any other sales order.  It is so easy!

Total Live Integration

Yes, total live business integration! Not just content management, but point of sale, accounting and live inventory control as well.  [e]suite offers a single fully integrated system to manage your entire business. [e]suite also offers Seamless integration to any Social Media or On-line Marketing platform (such as facebook and ebay).

Flexibility to publish any business function on the web

The [e]suite web engine allows you to securely and selectively publish as much or as little of the [e]suite system as you desire.  The concept is so simple.  Manage, categorize and control all content within the one system.  Provide secure and controlled access to any or all data in the system.

[e]suite has the flexibility to meet all e-Business requirements from simple B2C web shops to sophisticated B2B web portals with total account management to internal company intranet solutions.


Unlimited Capacity

Current implementations of [e]suite vary greatly from businesses with a handful of stock codes to businesses with over fifty thousand stock items and many millions of transactions and customers.  So rest assured, [e]suite has the scalability to deliver high performance for any size business, large or small.

  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Stock Items
  • Unlimited Hierarchical Categories
  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Attributes
  • Unlimited Websites


Sample Websites

We have lots of sample websites.  Contact us today to see how other businesses like yours use [e]suite to leverage the world of e-business.

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