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Franchising is all about empowering the individual and leveraging their enthusiasm for the greater good of the group.  But all too often franchise software systems fall short.
[e]suite is different!  It has a powerhouse of built-in features specifically designed for franchises and buying groups and the flexibility to really deliver on this promise.

First of all, [e]suite is a true multi entity accounting system.  This means (if desired) you can provide your franchisees with a total accounting solution that has a live feedback to your consolidated system.

But the flexibility of the system is what sets [e]suite in a league of its own.  Consider that all of the options below can be turned on or off or be configured to your requirements:

  • Provide separate databases for each franchisee or run all franchisees out of a single consolidated database or both.
  • And deploy these databases anywhere you want to – in a data centre, your office, at the branches – anywhere.
  • Set up regional consolidated databases for area branch managers
  • Provide real-time off-site backup for all databases (even multiple offsite backups)
  • Enforce all transactions to be consolidated to head office or allow some transactions to be posted to the franchisee only or franchisor only
  • Fully automate B2B processes between franchisor and franchisee for inventory transfers and/or B2B sales and purchases
  • Transfer inventory at cost or sell inventory at a mark up
  • Provision for consignment inventory with full accountability
  • Unlimited price bands and currencies
  • Provide centralised General Ledger codes or allow the franchisee to run their own GL
  • Provide centralised management of stock and/or pricing
  • Allow for franchisee to set and manage their own pricing
  • Allow for franchisee to create local stock codes for items only they sell

Every franchise has a different structure and it is this difference that provides the competitive advantage.  Whatever your franchise structure, [e]suite has the flexibility to provide an optimal solution that leverages your all-important competitive advantage.

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