[e]suite provides manufacturers with a solution that is totally integrated with sales, CRM, inventory and financial systems.  [e]suite is ideally suited for distributors, assemble-to-order businesses and light manufacturing.
[e]suite provides the following functionality:


  • Bill of Materials with unlimited components
  • See how many items can be built live on screen
  • Just-in-time inclusions
  • Components can be manufactured to any level of nesting
  • Serialized or Batch tracking of components or manufactured items
  • Packages Deals
  • Fashion Retail Packs

Manufacturing Demand Planning

Over stocking or under ordering of manufacturing components can have catastrophic consequences for any manufacturing business.  With [e]suite, you can take the guesswork out of component re-ordering.  Use [e]suite’s manufacturing demand planning tools to determine component purchasing requirements with total automation of purchase ordering (with transaction preview and editing).

Automated Bill of Materials for Fashion Matrix

[e]suite’s fashion matrix and bill of materials systems work seamlessly together to greatly simplify the management of fashion manufacturing, thereby reducing administration costs and increasing consistency and accuracy.  Features include:


  • Automated definition of fashion matrix items
  • Automated definition of bill of materials for all fashion matrix items
  • Management in Retail Packs or by Fashion Matrix
  • Build, Sell or Purchase by Fashion Matrix or Retail Pack
  • Inter-store transfer by Fashion Matrix or Retail Pack


Stock Take Costing – For Food Production Costing

[e]suite includes some special functionality for food production where variable quantities of raw product are used to produce a final product (eg fish filleting, butchering, cheese production and general food preparation).  In scenarios where the recording of individual production run yields is not viable, [e]suite’s stock take costing system can be used to track inventory and record accurate production costs per food product group.


In simple terms Components Used = Opening Stock – Closing Stock + Purchases.

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