Multi Site – Total Flexibility

[e]suite was designed from the ground up as multi site system, but it is the flexibility of implementation that sets it apart from other systems.[e]suite comes with a whole suite of multi-site internet (“cloud”) technologies that can be mixed and matched to suit any business configuration from fully hosted software as a service to multi-site deployment on low cost PCs with live synchronisation and live offsite backup and recovery.[e]suite can be configured to provide any of the following:


  • Live Data and Reporting across All Sites
  • Fully Hosted (SAAS) or Multi Site Deployment
  • Choice of Windows Application or customised Web browser
  • Provide separate databases for each entity or run all entities out of a single consolidated database or both.
  • Deploy databases anywhere you want to – in a data centre, your office, your home, on a laptop, at branches – anywhere.
  • Very high speed remote access form any workstation to any database anywhere (with secure login)
  • Set up regional consolidated databases for area branch mangers
  • Real-time off-site backup for all databases (even multiple offsite backups)

Best of all, our multi site technologies are extremely reliable and highly tolerant of internet or hardware failure.  None of our customers have ever lost any data or experienced any significant downtime.  Not ever!

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