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Managing all facets of your business is now easier with [e]suite, thanks to its unparalleled flexibility, customisability, ease of use, and wealth of features. It’s your ideal cloud-based ERP system—whether you work in retail, food, manufacturing, distribution, ecommerce, or franchising—because it provides you with a complete view of your franchise or multiple companies, and seamlessly integrates your inventory, accounting, billing, POS, project management, warehouse, marketing campaigns, and more.

Why Choose [e]suite

As your ERP system, [e]suite gives you plenty of reasons to choose it over the wide array of options available in the market today, that’s because:

[e]suite is a complete solution.

[e]suite comes with a complete package of powerful features that has everything you need from your ERP system. Some included features are;

  • Integrated Accounting
  • Multi-site Development
  • Inventory Control
  • CRM & Telemarketing Tools
  • Integrated Ecommerce or B2B Website and Mobile Aps

Plus all components work together seamlessly, ensuring that everything works reliably, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. [e]suite has you covered.

[e]suite is highly customisable.

We understand that your business has unique needs. That’s why we made it easy for [e]suite to adapt to the way you work.

You can configure and customise the system to your exact specifications, including data entry screens, accounting structures, BI reporting, websites, and mobile apps. This translates to a more streamlined workflow and a system that’s truly intuitive to use.

[e]suite is always reliable.

Reliability is critical with an ERP system used across multiple sites. To date, none of our clients have lost any data or have experienced significant downtimes. The reason is we backup your data in real time and provide a fully automated redundancy, ensuring you always have access to them, and we detect issues before they happen with our live system monitoring. Plus, we’re easy to reach when you need help with remote access, program updates, customisation, and more with our 24 x 7 telephone support.

[e]suite adapts to your unique needs.

We specifically built [e]suite with the following businesses in mind:

  • Retail
  • Fashion
  • Franchising
  • Distribution & Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Ecommerce

It works seamlessly in a multi-site setting whether it’s deployed on a cloud server or on site, allowing you to record transactions in real time no matter the number of branches being consolidated. With exceptional connectivity, you can track and forecast demand quickly and accurately, and distribute supplies on time and within budget.

[e]suite is easy to use.

Switching to a new system can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming—but not [e]suite. Its intuitive design ensures that you and your team can start using it in minutes.

We’ll also provide you with access to our online training videos to boost your team’s mastery of the system. Now you can avoid the hassle, as well as time and resources wasted when transitioning to a new system.

To find out more about why [e]suite is your ideal solution when you need a robust and reliable ERP system, call us today at 1 300 866 961.

Suited to the Way You Work

We’ve designed [e]suite to be a complete solution for a wide range of businesses with its solid feature set, including CRM, marketing, accounting, and inventory control. Plus, it’s highly customisable so it effortlessly adapts to how your team works. [e]suite is the ideal ERP system for businesses such as:


[e]suite is perfectly suited to the fast-paced world of retail. It comes with built-in modules including gift registry, support for fashion items, accounting, inventory control, and inter-store and warehouse stock lookup to make your team’s work more straightforward. What’s more is that all modules work together seamlessly, improving your customer’s shopping experience every time.

That’s not all. Improve customer loyalty and keep them up-to-date with your latest offers with [e]suite’s integrated loyalty program, CRM, and email marketing tools.

Your staff can learn the system in minutes with its intuitive and customisable design and they have a wealth of training resources online to help get them up to speed with this tool. You also have more control over how your data is accessed with options to use a browser-based or a Windows exe interface, and deploy them in the cloud, your office, or branches.

Franchises and Buying Groups

[e]suite makes running and managing multiple franchises a lot less complicated. It is a true multi-entity accounting system that gives your franchisees a total accounting solution that also updates your consolidated system in real time.

The system comes with plenty of features that you can turn on or off according to your specific requirements.

You can, for example, provide separate databases for each franchisee or consolidate them under one database, or even both. These databases can be deployed in the cloud, your head office, or at your branches, and can be backed up to multiple sites in real time.

Managing inventory is easier too as you can transfer these at cost or at a markup. It’s also possible to provide central stock and pricing management although you can also allow franchisees to set and manage their own pricing.

Wholesale and Distribution

Managing your supply chain is faster, easier, and more accurate with [e]suite. [e]suite allows you to share data, send supplies to multiple destinations and ensure orders arrive on time….you can do all these and more through its built-in modules.

You can forecast demand, view live sales, and deal with ad-hoc demand thanks to the system’s access to up-to-date data that you can access on your computer or on your handheld device.

Handle distribution flawlessly with [e]suite’s ability to replenish supplies automatically, set multiple destinations and suppliers, and minimise data entry with scanning of items in the warehouse.

Oversee the supply side with exceptional ease and flexibility, including reordering items, getting accurate time estimates, and dealing with costing and returns with just a few clicks with [e]suite’s fantastic features and easy-to-use interface.

e-Business Solutions

Taking your business online has never been easier with [e]suite’s e-Business Solutions. Upload product images and descriptions, seamlessly integrate with your entire business in real time, promote your shop, and more using one powerful and easy-to-use system.

You can expand your footprint online with an integrated web store, which connects all aspects of your business, including stock management, order fulfilment, delivery, point-of-sale, accounting, inventory control, and promotions on sites like Facebook or eBay. You don’t need to use separate tools to get the job done—[e]suite handles them all.

[e]suite is flexible, so it works perfectly whatever the size of your business. Choose what to publish and who sees them. Create simple web stores or complex B2B portals. Handle unlimited stock, transactions, and customers. [e]suite makes these possible.


Bring your sales, CRM, inventory, and finances under one roof with [e]suite. Whether you are in the distribution, assemble-to-order, or light manufacturing business, you get a feature-rich ERP system that lets you do more in one simple package. Create a bill of materials with unlimited components, find out how many items you can produce, factor in just-in-time inclusions, track components in batches or series, offer package deals, provide fashion retail packs, and more with [e]suite.

You can finally order just the right amount of materials with its manufacturing demand planning tools. Plus, purchase orders can be made automatically. It’s also perfect for the fashion business with fashion matrix and bill of materials systems to streamline your work. In the food production business? It has special tools that account for variable quantities of raw materials, perform stock take costing to track inventory, and record accurate production costs per food group.

Food Distribution

[e]suite has been providing solutions to the food industry for more than a decade now. That’s why we understand the need for speed and efficiency when dealing with a short shelf life, demanding delivery schedules, minimal margins, and demanding customers.

We bring our years of experience to our system that enables you to work faster when dealing with stringent timelines on a daily basis. You can, for example, add up random weights in the weight barcode calculator, quickly select previously-ordered items by customers, and handle multiple units of measurement.

In addition, [e]suite comes with a CRM system that allows you to track and even email clients with arrears, as well as inventory planning and material requirements planning for better control over your resources.

To find out more about why [e]suite is your ideal solution when you need a robust and reliable ERP system, call us today at 1 300 866 961.

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At [e]suite, we only offer an efficient and reliable service. It’s no wonder, that some of Australia’s most recognised brands across a wide range of industries trust us to provide them with an ERP system that works seamlessly and flawlessly all the time, including:

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