Retail is all about maximizing fast sales processing, optimising stock turns and maximizing returns on staff and infrastructure costs.

Fast, Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

[e]suite Point-of-Sale has been designed for maximum speed and ease of use.   The intuitive design means that new staff will learn the system in minutes and existing staff make fewer mistakes and serve customers faster.  Training is automated via web based training videos.


Consistent Multi Chanel Retailing

[e]suite Point-of-Sale, Web Store, Email Marketing, Customer Loyalty, Gift Registry and Customer Relationship Management are all seamlessly integrated to ensure that your customers are presented with a consistent view of your business that all work together in real-time to increase your sales turn over.



Loyalty Programs, Email Marketing and CRM

In retail, margins are everything and tracking inventory control, costing and profitability is absolutely critical, not just an afterthought.  Failing to recognise the importance of this is a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, with [e]suite this risk is eliminated!  It comes with a powerhouse of built-in accounting and inventory control functionality that is totally integrated and live.

Loyalty Programs, Email Marketing and CRM

Loyalty Programs, Campaigns, Email Marketing and CRM are all vital tools for modern retailers and can often provide the competitive advantage that differentiates a successful retailer.  [e]suite provides extensive functionality to leverage these forms of communication and marketing to your customers.

Gift Registry Built-In

esuite has a built-in gift registry system that is accessible to your customers via your shopping cart website and managed at any of your retail outlets at the point of sale.

Fit for Fashion

[e]suite is fit for fashion with built-in support for style, colour, size & fit matrix and its ability to manage, analyse and report on stock in retail packs as well as individual stock items.  [e]suite also has extensive functionality for fashion manufacturing (see here for more).  Selling fashion items is easy via barcode or just search on any of the matrix parameters.


Optimised Stock Control for Optimal Profitability

Whether your stores are replenished from multiple warehouses or re-ordered from multiple suppliers, [e]suite provides time saving tools that optimise your stock holdings for maximum stock turns and profitability.

Live Inter Store and Warehouse Stock Lookup

Save your staff masses of time!  There is nothing worse that having your shop assistants tied up ringing around your other stores and warehouses searching for stock.  [e]suite eliminates this costly task with inter store and warehouse stock lookup.  If the item is at another location you can get it delivered to your customer or to your store for pickup with the click of a button.

Deploy your data anywhere you want

If you want broad based secure remote access for your staff then put your data in a data centre.  If you don’t want your data on the web then put it in your office or at your branches or both.  Optional branch level databases provide additional redundancy and reliability.  The choice is yours.

Choice of Interface

With [e]suite you have the choice of either a fully web browser or windows exe user interface.  Both interfaces effectively work the same, with new versions updated over the internet.  The windows exe interface has the added benefits of integration to POS hardware such as EFTPOS, Weigh Scales and Video Surveillance.

Sell 24 x 7 with No IT staff

The last thing you need is computer hardware or software problems.  With [e]suite Web or Windows interface new POS installations can be setup instantly with no computer technician required.  Also with the option of a local shop database, if your internet goes offline, you don’t have to wait hours or days until an IT consultant fixes the problem, you can just keep selling!

Live Access Anywhere

Being an internet based application, [e]suite can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection.  This could be at home, in a café, in a mobile sales vehicle or on a buying trip.  Sales, Purchases and Management decisions can be made based on live information across your entire business.  For extra security you can also restrict the access to your own company VPN network.

Integrated Web Based Video Surveillance

For the security conscious retailer, [e]suite also provides an integrated web base video surveillance module.  You can view unlimited cameras over the internet with superimposed transactions on the screen updated live from the POS.

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