Wholesale & Distribution

Moving stock from point of purchase to point of distribution to point of sale with speed, efficiency and accuracy are the key characteristics of [e]suite’s integrated supply chain management system.

Measuring Demand and Controlling Supply

Synchronising supply with demand is the art of successful supply chain management.  [e]suite provides this in a single totally integrated system.

Demand is:

  • measured from live sales across all sites, warehouses, distribution centres
  • forecasted based on sales history – moving average or seasonality and trend
  • checked in real time with rolling stock takes on PCs or mobile PDA devices
  • flexible in dealing with ad-hoc demand


Distribution is:

  • automated replenishing with manual preview to ensure stock is always available for sale (based on forecasted Days on Hand or Minimum Quantities)
  • multi destination to distribution centres, retail outlets or direct customers
  • multi sourced from multiple suppliers, distribution centres or franchisors
  • efficient with minimal data entry and scanning of everything at the warehouse
  • graphical display of product images on screens and reports
  • traced from goods-in to dispatch to receipt
  • easy with tablet PCs or hand held mobile PDA technology


Supply is controlled by:

  • automated reordering with manual preview
  • factoring lead time to ensure items arrive when needed
  • validated supplier purchase orders and pricing
  • choice of costing including Standard, Average, Last Cost, FIFO, LIFO, Serialised and Stocktake
  • accurate costing of foreign currency transactions
  • landed costs allocated to multiple purchases
  • data interchange for importing of transactions from suppliers or 3rd party EDI systems
  • returns authorisation (RA) management
  • open to buy budgeting

Designed for Multi-Site Retail / Multi-Site Distribution

[e]suite is designed from the core as a multi-entity system, so it naturally manages any configuration of multi site business.  The simplicity and flexibility of its multi-site architecture is what differentiates it from traditional ERP systems that are designed around single site businesses.  So whether you have multiple retail outlets, multiple distribution centers, international branches, consignment customers, franchisees or traveling sales reps, [e]suite has the core design and flexibility to meet any multi-site business requirement.

Returns Authorisation Management

With the plethora of social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter, companies can live or die depending on the service they provide when something goes wrong.  [e]suite is one of the very few ERP systems that has a built-in totally integrated returns management system that tracks the entire return process from point of acknowledgement (issuing of return authorization or case number) to point of resolution (return, refund, repair or reject).

Mobile PDA or Tablet PC for Efficient Supply Chain Management

[e]suite provides the choice of small form factor Tablet PC or Windows Mobile PDA interfaces for supply chain management processing.  Whilst all [e]suite functions can be performed on a Tablet PC, the following functions have been designed specifically for handheld PDA devices with barcode scanners:


  • Order Picking and Processing
  • Inventory Replenishment Picking and Processing
  • Stock Take

With [e]suite’s PDA software development kit the Windows Mobile PDA interface can be totally customised to meet any mobile computing requirement.

Treat Retail Outlets as a Distribution Centres

Some of our customers prefer to process customer web orders at their retail outlets.  With [e]suite mobile technology this can be achieved with minimal impact on the store.  [e]suite’s web order notification messaging system allows retail staff to be notified when new orders have arrived.  So when checkout queues are clear, the same staff can be used to pick web orders, thereby maximizing staff resources.

Single Software System Integration to Other Functions

The PDA interface offers the choice of batch, wireless or 3G posting into the [e]suite system.  Upon posting, all supply chain transactions are instantly accessible all other departments including Accounting, POS, CRM and On-line Website.

This means:

  • Stock is managed live across all stores, distribution centres and business operations
  • Paperless Warehouse Management
  • Efficient Replenishment and Re-Ordering
  • Maximize stock availability for wholesale, retail and website


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