Accounting Single or Multi-Site Live Data Retail
  POS Hosted or Installed Zero Downtime Distribution
  CRM Browser or Windows Zero Corruption Franchising
  Inventory Remote Access 100% Reliable On-Line Business
  Website Mobile PDA Live Backup Multisite
  Fashion Configurable Fast Performance Manufacturing
  BI Reporting Customisable On-Line or Off-line Importing

   Integrated POS, Inventory, CRM, ERP Accounting & Website Software for Retail, Distribution, Franchise & Fashion

Enterprises today are challenged with sharing data between sites or countries, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions, point of sale software, accounting software, on-line retailing, managing inventory control, warehousing, replenishment and re-ordering, consolidating multiple entities and balancing centralized management with decentralized branch autonomy.

Legacy systems based on old technology platforms are expensive and don't meet the dynamic nature of today's businesses. As new ways of doing business arise, solutions are tacked on rather than integrated. The result is a clunky mess of inflexible systems from different software companies that don't work seamlessly together.

esuite is different!

esuite offers a totally integrated solution for On-Demand Business Software. There is no unnecessary importing and exporting between Point of Sale (POS Software), CRM, email marketing, warehousing, manufacturing, accounting and your e-commerce website. With its fully integrated multi-currency accounting and business intelligence reporting, financial KPIs match up with the reality of all business operations - to the cent, and in real-time.

esuite is totally flexible with its extensive range of internet ("cloud computing") technologies. esuite offers a solution for every business configuration from retail software to e-commerce websites with live integrated shopping carts to distribution software for multi-site chain stores and wholesalers.

esuite is configurable and customisable. Choose the right tool for the right task. esuite offers a choice of Web Browser Interface, Windows Application or Windows Mobile PDA user interfaces. All user interfaces are highly configurable as well as totally customisable with programming interfaces.

With esuite you can deploy your data anywhere you want to - centralized or decentralized. If you want broad based secure remote access for your staff then put your data in our data centre. If you don't want your data on the web then put it in your office or at all of your branches or both.

esuite provides ERP software system designed for the enterprise resource planning and management of multi-site businesses and franchises. Data can be posted to separate databases per site or a consolidated database for all sites or even a combination of both. There is also the choice of single or true multi entity accounting with a range of inter branch transactions and transfers (a common failing of current franchise software, retail software and other ERP software solutions).

esuite offers unparalleled robustness 24 x 7 with built-in live off site backup with live disaster remote connectivity and live disaster recovery, all with zero impact on users and computer hardware resources. Our customers have benefited from this technology with zero downtime and zero loss of data ever.

No matter whether you are after fashion software, point of sale software, accounting software or distribution software esuite provides a totally integrated solution in one consistent platform that empowers your head office and all branch offices to maximize productivity and profitability across the enterprise.

esuite is fast to use and fast to learn. Contact us today to see how...

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