[e]suite offers a total solution for Food
Manufacturing and Distribution

Find out how [e]suite provides a total solution for food manufacturing, distribution, EDI retail and on-line commerce.

Total Multi-Store Solution
for High Volume Retailers

Find out how [e]suite provides a total end-to-end retail solution for Victoria’s Basement

VPW Distributes over 300,000
motor vehicle parts

Find out how [e]suite manages the VPW distribution and on-line Business.

Welcome to [e]suite

We provide a complete, flexible and reliable all-in-one ERP business solution for single or multi-branch businesses that manage inventory.
Industries Include: Retail, Manufacturing, Franchising, Food, Wholesale, Distribution, Logistics and eCommerce.


Total Solution

Do everything you need all in one single consistent system. Avoid clunky integrations between 3rd party systems. One contract for all your software support need a full stop.



The most configurable and customisable ERP system ever created!
Data entry screens, interfaces, accounting structures, BI reporting, websites, mobiles apps – all customisable!


Reliable 24x7

Not just real-time off-site backup, but live fully automated redundancy!
If your primary server has major outage, just keep trading off one or more backup servers.
No downtime!


Suitable For

We created [e]suite to meet the specialised needs of companies in the retail, fashion, franchising, distribution and wholesale, manufacturing, food distribution, logistics, and online industries.


[e]suite is different

Our solutions are built with simplicity in mind. That’s why everything just works together seamlessly, from your POS software, to your accounting, to your email marketing campaigns, to managing and securing your data. Can’t fit a square peg in a round hole? We specialise in configuring and customising our solution to work the way you do (not the other way around). Now you can focus on the things that you do best and you do best and grow your business faster than ever before!

browser and timer

[e]suite is fast to use and fast to learn

Switching to a new system often comes with a steep learning curve. But with the esuite system’s intuitive design, your team will be able to learn and use it in a matter of minutes. We’ve also made our training videos available on the web, so your staff can master the system faster, make fewer mistakes, and continue serving your customers even during the transition period.

When it comes to performance – [e]suite has some customer sites with impressive statistics including: processing over 30,000 sales transactions per hour, millions of customer records, over 300,000 stock codes and high speed reporting.

[e]suite is about great service

We understand the critical role of our services to your business. That’s why we provide you with quick and reliable support when you need it. This includes remote access support, live system monitoring, program updates over the net, and customisation. We do all this to ensure that your system is up and running at all times and you get the exact solution you need. Best of all, because our software offers a total solution for your business you only need to contact one company when you need help.

[e]suite has provided business software solutions to all of these businesses

Over the years, we’ve created custom solutions for our clients that made their work simpler, easier, and more efficient.