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Live System Monitoring

Thanks to a suite of system monitoring tools that are built in to esuite, we are able to provide a monitoring service that identifies:

  • PC Hardware issues
  • Internet status
  • Application On-line status
  • Inter-branch communications status
  • Performance issues
  • User operational errors
  • User login status
  • Application errors

If a hardware, internet or software problem occurs then we are often aware of it before our customers are. This enables us to provide a higher level of service and fix any issues very quickly. It also has helped us to build a faster and more reliable software program.

Upgrades over the net

With our live internet update facility we offer a convenient way for our clients to stay up to date with the latest version of esuite. This technology allows us to broadcast program updates, data structure changes and even customisation updates. With this fully automated service we can keep our customers up to date more often and with less interruption. Upgrades can be performed whilst users are using the system.


Technology systems that work synchronously with the day-to-day operations of the business are a vital competitive advantage. If you need esuite to work the way you do, then we are here to help with our customization services:

Non programming configuration:

  • Transaction screen layouts
  • Search facilities
  • Queries
  • Report Designs
  • Import / Export to 3rd Part Systems

Programming customisations:

  • Totally customised transaction screens
  • Popup utility screens / supplementary functionality
  • Website Design
  • PDA Windows Mobile Screens
  • Fully customised applications interfacing to [e]suite