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[e]suite is a privately owned Australian company based in Sydney. We have provided business software solutions to many local and international companies large and small.

Customer Focused, Flexible & Collaborative

In this era of cloud computing, there are a plethora of companies launching new software applications every day. A quick look under the covers of the glossy new websites reveals immature products from companies that are too busy fixing their product to worry about helping their customers.

Our philosophy is different!

We have a mature product that has had cloud computing technology built-in to its core since its inception in 2000. So we are able to build on this flexible and robust technology platform without the cost of neglecting our customers. Instead, we treat our customers as collaborative partners – their success provides referrals that help build on our success.

Design Principles

In designing [e]suite we adhere to 5 underlying principle requirements:

  • single and total enterprise solution for retail, distribution, financial and eBusiness
  • built-in cloud technology to support geographically dispersed business relationships
  • fast in terms of transaction processing as well as live reporting and analysis on high volume data generated in busy environments
  • stable to the point where our customers never experience any down-time or data corruption
  • flexible and extensible without compromising the integrity of the core system

The result, after many years of research and development, is a total business solution supported by a suite of internet cloud technologies that is flexible and easy to use.

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