Features & Benefits

Finally, a totally integrated solution for modern businesses. With a total solution where all parts work seamlessly together, managing your business will suddenly become simpler.

Point of Sale

Intuitive, fast, reliable 24 x 7 and totally integrated.


Bill of materials and planning for lite manufacturing and kitting.

CRM & Telemarketing

Stay connected, track communications & leverage your marketing spend.

Business Intelligence

Drive better business decisions with numerical clarity in real-time.

Inventory Control

Manage your supply chain and optimise your inventory.

Website & App

Everything is live and totally controlled within the accounting system.

Loyalty & Marketing

Leverage your database with integrated loyalty and e-marketing.

Multi-Site Flexibility

Live data, choice of interface, hosted or multi-site deployment.

Integrated Accounting

Multi-entity accounting live and accurate to the cent.

Franchise Ready

Comprehensive solution for franchises.

Fashion Fit

Everything you need from fashion matrix to retail packs and more.


Provides total integrated solution, flexibility, reliability, high performance and value.

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